How to request Consigned Loan

Works with several lines of credit that can help anyone who needs money at any time.

To apply for the Federal Public Server Payroll Loan or for the State Public Servant at Banco do Brasil , only a few steps are required. Learn how to simulate and hire yours now!

How to contract Payroll Credit online at Banco do Brasil?

Payroll-deductible loans are the personal credit modality in which the installments are deducted directly from the payroll or INSS benefit .

That is, every month the Server has the payroll provision of his paycheck, retirement or pension.

The facility is also in the simulation and contracting of the credit. Today, this process can be performed 100% online quickly, easily and safely . And all this, with the same tranquility of those who go to the bank.

In this way, Federal Public Servants and State Public Servants can purchase an online loan from Banco do Brasil. And better: with pre-approved limit and the best conditions!

Find out how this type of credit works for account holders.

How Credit Counseling Works for Account Holders


BB Payroll Credit serves any need. Public servants and orrentistas of the Bank of Brazil can acquire loan online, in a few steps.

The limit of the credit released will depend on the value of the income of the interested party and the installments can not exceed 35% of the net monthly income, 5% being destined the consigned credit card expenses.

This value, also called the Margin , is what determines the maximum value of the monthly installments. Thus, if the interested party has monthly income of $ 3,000 can commit up to $ 450 every month with one or more installments of the payroll agreement.

The discount is made automatically on payroll, paycheck or INSS (retirement or pension) benefit, saving you the trouble of having to pay tickets.

The payment deadlines can reach 96 months and the interest rates are cheaper than those of credit card and overdraft. In practice, this means more savings for your pocket.

The credit is released in up to 24 hours, directly into the Banco do Brasil account.

Even though Banco do Brasil is not a bank account holder, it is possible to take advantage of the services offered by the bank, especially for the contracting of the online payroll loan .

Learn why Payroll Credit is more advantageous to you!

Why is Payroll Credit more advantageous?

Why is Payroll Credit more advantageous?

Did you know that payday loan offers the lowest personal loan interest rates?

In the case of the payroll loan, as the bank have the security of having the payment received (due to automatic discount and risk reduction), the interest rate is lower.

Just compare to other lines of personal credit.

This amount can be up to ten times lower than the interest on the credit card, which has the most expensive loan rates. The economy can reach more than 300% per year.

With the payroll, both the Federal Public Servants and the State Public Servants have differentiated rates. The interest s are just over 2.00% per month.

The payroll loan also has other benefits. The credit can be released even for those who are negative (there is no consultation to the SPC or SERASA ), besides allowing the Server to have a better organization of the financial life, since the parcels are pre-fixed.

An essential tip for anyone who wants to take full advantage of this mode of credit is to always perform the simulation online before.

Thus, it is possible to have the security of making the choice of the best bank and conditions, which fit in the pocket.

How to make a Payroll Loan?

If you are interested in this BB credit line, take some common questions and learn how to hire yours.

Who can do it?

The loan payable to the Bank of Brazil can be carried out by both Federal, State and Municipal Public Servants, as well as by INSS Pensioners and Pensioners.

Even if you are not an account holder, you can contract the payroll loan with Banco do Brasil .

What is necessary?

To contract this type of credit, the paying source must have an active agreement with Banco do Brasil. This will allow the discount of the installments on the payroll.

In addition, the interested party must have margin available for a new loan and credit limit on BB.

It is possible to consult the direct margin in the paycheck or extract of the INSS benefit.

How long does it take to release the Payroll Credit?

After the endorsement , the credit will be released to the Banco do Brasil account in a few minutes.

The process between the simulation and the release of money takes on average 3 to 4 business days. This time frame may vary for a variety of reasons, but it is usually very fast.

However, with the ease of doing the online process, all steps can already be streamlined.

Where to borrow?

Banco do Brasil’s payroll loan can be contracted 100% online on the bxblue platform . Money can be released into account within 3 minutes. The process is simple, practical and safe!

Other alternatives are the self-service terminals, own branches or correspondent banking stores.

Do you want to make a payday loan?

Do you want to make a payday loan?

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