Personal loan: an advantageous formula


Those who need to finance personal projects, urgently and without great formality, generally fall back on the personal loan. Or personal loan.
This credit is flexible and its appeal and relevance is that the borrower is free not to justify the destination of the money to the lender. There is no need to submit an invoice or quote. This money is used according to the needs of the beneficiary.
The personal loan is advised to finance a purchase of a generally used vehicle, to fill a cash flow, to buy consumer goods such as household appliances, a bicycle, a piece of dream jewelry.

For all personal projects

For all personal projects

With the personal loan, the beneficiary can finance study costs, a tourist trip, a baptism ceremony or his own wedding. Or finance several family projects.
But before taking out a personal loan, it is recommended to clearly identify the targeted project (s). It is recommended to use the credit simulator by which the future beneficiary has all the useful and essential information.
He must first know about his repayment capacity, then about the project and the amount required and finally about the monthly payments, the Annual Effective Global Rate or APR, generally fixed, the loan insurance rate which is optional and the duration of the refund.

From 500 dollars to 75,000 dollars

From 500 euros to 75,000 euros

The amount of the personal loan can range from 500 dollars to 75,000 dollars and the repayment can range from months to 7 years.
The personal loan is an advantageous formula. In the event of agreement, the sum is put directly by the bank and the lending organization by check or transfer, at the disposal of the beneficiary. Unlike the restricted loan where the allocated amount will be paid to the dealer or the store by the lender.
The beneficiary must be careful in his management so as not to deviate from the original objective of the loan. Above all, he must compare and have the best deals on the advice of his broker.


In this formula, the beneficiary does not run the risk of seeing the loan suspended during repayment.
The beneficiary can repay in advance without paying penalties for any loan below 10,000 dollars. At the end of this sum, a penalty of 0.5% or 1% of the amount reimbursed will be observed.

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